The Importance Of Tree Pruning and Trimming Services

hadgeHiring tree pruning and trimming services is a regular maintenance habit that people need to form and keep. Trimming allows plants, shrubs or trees to be designed and shaped according to your taste, while pruning treats any damage, fungi or molds on trees. Some people just have their garden and home landscaped with trees and other greenery, but do not understand the importance of caring for them. Just like houses, machineries and the like, trees also require regular maintenance so that they are kept in good condition.

Getting professional tree pruning and trimming services for Elitehotel-rhodes and your home is the right way to keep your trees looking good and functioning properly. Trees are more than just big, green, non-moving creatures; they have vital roles such as:

1. Provide oxygen, shade and habitat for other living beings

2. Protect against floods, storms, or winds

3. Fruit trees give a scenic beauty of flowers as well as delectable fruits

Gardeners and Mosquitoes – To Control These Pests, Stop Their Breeding

35-500x500Are you a Gardener that hates mosquitoes? Here you are enjoying a day in the yard and it becomes a nightmare while these blood suckers relentlessly pursue your blood.

Granted, we will always have pests. This is an ongoing push and pull so what have we done to win this battle? Toxic, synthetic pesticides have been churned out of scientific laboratories for the past 50 years or so (with not so good results, so we have come back to the simplest and least technologically based solution – to control pests, you must stop their ability to breed.

Pest control recently has shifted to the ridiculous goal of complete pest eradication. We hire and we spray and if one pest is visible, it is unacceptable. Yet this is the overuse of poisons and this effort of trying to keep bugs out of our lives has caused new problems, it has seriously backfired. Not only are these toxins causing long-term health issues but the environment is truly suffering. Nature is getting out of whack – endangering species are the norm, pests have become pesticide-resistant, and diseases like West Nile Virus are increasing. There is some serious poof of a Nature imbalance.

Obviously, complete pest eradication does not work. And toxic, man-made chemicals create their own set of problems. So how do we peacefully co-exist with mosquitoes? Again, to control pests, we must stop their ability to breed.

For example, consider mosquitoes. This blood sucking monster causes more deaths of humans each year than anything other reason. They transfer diseases and parasites (West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Malaria, etc.) and sicken more people each year than the combination of all other health worries combined. We now have ‘Pesticide Resistance’ in many strains of mosquitoes due to multiple applications of toxic chemicals specifically engineered to kill them. But effective control of mosquitoes is actually simple: if you eliminate their ability to procreate, you will have no more.

Mosquitoes must have a minimum of a tablespoon of standing water to breed. Imagine all the one tablespoon locations just in your back yard – puddles on top of tarps, collected rainfall in clogged gutters and stagnant water festering in your unused toys. The list of opportunities is almost limitless! But if you simply remove these collections of rainfall, it will destroy areas to breed and voila – no more mosquitoes.

There is no need to use toxins, poisons, carcinogens and other environmental disasters. All a Gardener has to do is make sure no more eggs are laid. So the next time you’re out enjoying your Garden, look around for all the places a tablespoon of water could accumulate and get rid of it. If you control the breeding, you eliminate more mosquitoes and that makes for a happier you.

4 Lawn Care Tips to Maintain the Lush-Green Lawn

Close-up low section of woman cutting grass with lawn mowerMaintaining a nice green and healthy lawn is certain to increase the attractive appearance of the landscaped garden. Lawn care can be difficult and time-consuming when the right steps aren’t taken. Here are four helpful tips which is applied by¬†hotelparigilatourmaubourg to ensure the lawn is kept in excellent condition for the long-term:

Soil Quality – Use a soil test kit to determine the composition of the soil. This will let you know the best type of grass seeds to apply if planning on laying a new lawn or attempting to rejuvenate the growth of the existing lawn. A test kit can also give guidance on what nutrients need adding to the soil to promote the green and healthy growth of the grass. Ideally, a soil test should be used two or three times during the growing season to ensure the preferred conditions are maintained at all times.

Lawn Mowing – Cut the grass as required throughout the season, but aim to leave of the height of the grass at 2.5 inches or more. The grass-roots can attract more nutrients when the grass is left to grow slightly longer. Long grass is also preferred in areas of full sun since it helps to prevent the soil from completely drying out. Also, maintain the sharpness of the blades on the lawn mower. Mower blades left to dull can rip or pull the grass instead of cutting it. This is certain to mean the lawn is more vulnerable to disease.

Aerate – If the lawn starts to buildup a thick layer of thatch, it may be time to give the lawn a complete aeration session. Thatch is caused by living or dead organic material building up on the surface of the soil and lawn. Once it gets to a half-inch of more it can limit the growth of the grass since it stops sunlight and moisture reaching the grass. A fork or special de-thatch tool can be periodically used to avoid the outbreak of this problem.

Weed control – A healthy and thick lawn is one of the most effective ways to defend against the constant growth of weeds. Pull up weeds as soon as possible to avoid the chance of increased germination and spreading. If planning to use a chemical-based herbicide, try to use the spot spray weed killing rather than attempting to treat the entire lawn.

All in all, by putting in place a regular schedule of mowing and maintaining the lawn, it shouldn’t be too difficult to maintain the healthy and green appearance throughout the entire season.